• Can machines help us to be more creative?

    Flow machines is a research project funded by the European Research Council (ERC) and coordinated by François Pachet,  jointly hosted by SONY CSL and UPMC – Paris 6.

  • ICCC16 call for paper is out

    The call for papers of the Seventh International Conference on Computational Creativity (ICCC16) is published here.
    The Conference will be jointly organised by UPMC_Paris6 and SONY CSL and co-sponsored by Flow Machines.

  • Brazyle is online!

    The new website Brazyle is online.
    Brazyle is a PVE project about Brazilian music style aiming at capture the style of Brazilian musicians to archive it and use for automatic composition, thanks to Flow Machines’ scientific results.

  • Flow Machines on ARTE !

    François Pachet presents the Flow Machines project on ARTE, Square Idée, Devenir Wagner ou Daft Punk? , Octobre 2015

  • Invited talk at Pisa Internet Festival

    François Pachet presented the results of the Flow Machines project during an invited talk at the Pisa Internet Festival (October 2015, Pisa).

  • Invited talk at Kreyon Day, Roma

    François Pachet will present the results of the Flow Machines project during the Kreyon Day in Rome, Italy, on September 13,  2015.

  • Invited talk at EPIA 2015, Coimbra

    François Pachet is invited speaker at EPIA 2015, the main Artificial Intelligence International Conference in Portugal, taking place in Coimbra (September 8-11).
    François will present the Flow Machines project’s ongoing research and results.

  • Invited talk, ICML 2015

    François Pachet is invited speaker at, ICML 2015 (6/11 July), the leading international machine learning conference.

  • Invited talk, Imp. College

    François Pachet is invited speaker at the Workshop on Cultural & Social Analytics, organised by < The Workshop’s program follows. What A half-day Workshop on Cultural & Social Analytics, focusing on the acquisition, analysis and explanation of large amounts of cultural and social data.

  • Ode to Joy

    The European Research Council (ERC) celebrated a significant milestone: the funding of its 5000th researcher.

  • STARTS Symposium BOZAR 22-23 June 2015

    Flow Machines’s results ill be presented during the workshop “How music stimulates technological innovation“, where François Pachet will moderate a discussion about explore the catalytic role of the arts for innovation in business, industry and society and how to foster it.

  • The creative process analysis on Culture Jazz

    With an interview (in French) “François Pachet analyse le processus de création“, Pierre Gros presents the vision behind the Flow Machines project and the album Count on it.

  • Capturing the style of Brazilian Musicians

    From 04 to 07 february 2015, during Porto Musical, Recife, the project Flow Machines will be in Brazil, bringing the experience “Capturing the Style of Brazilian Musicians: Hands-on Sessions and Experiments“.

  • Colloque: nouveaux gestes et langages instrumentaux

    The Flow Machines project will be presented to the seminar “Nouveaux gestes et langages instrumentaux”, Brussels, 21/11 – 14:00 in the framework of the ARSMusica festival.
    For more information please visit the ARS Musica website.

  • Launch of the album “Count on it”

    François Pachet and Mark d’Inverno launch their album Count on it, composed and produced in the project, in London, on Sat-01-Nov.

  • Flow Machines at the IMPAKT Festival, Utrecht

    TIME 11:00 – 12:30, October, Thursday 31st
    WHERE Theater Kikker Kleine Zaal/Small Hall, Utrecht, NL

    An instrument that predicts what you’ll play next, a radio that conjures new songs by dead legends, a hall-of-mirrors that lets musicians grow entire orchestras of clones; improbab

  • ECCAI Fellows Program: Invited talks at AFIA

    Every year, AFIA (French Association for Artificial Intelligence) invites the elected French ECCAI Fellows to give a talk and present their activites.
    François Pachet, elected ECCAI Fellow in 2014, presents his research on October the 2nd, 2014.
    For more info please visit AFIA Website.

  • Jazzomat workshop in Weimar

    On Septembre 26-27, François Pachet takes part to the annual meeting of the Jazzomat workshop, Weimar (Germany).
    For more information: http://jazzomat.hfm-weimar.de/workshop2014/workshop.

  • Flow Machines awarded with a PoC grant

    The Flow Machines project will receive a ‘Proof-of-Concept’ grants from the European Research Council (ERC),  to test the market potential of our research.
    A total of 182 proposals were submitted to the first round of this call, and the success rate is around 28%.

  • Sony CSL Open House at MOMA, NY

    The SONY CSL Open House 2014 takes place for the first time at MOMA, NY.
    The results and future vision of the Flow Machines project are presented at MOMA with the talk “Style Cryogenics: The Future of Music Assets”
    For more information, please visit: https://www.sonycsl.co.

  • Invited talk at RFIA 2014 (in French)

    Le projet Flow Machines est present au dix-neuvième congrès national sur la Reconnaissance de Formes et l’Intelligence Artificielle (RFIA’14) qui se déroulera du 30 juin au 4 juillet 2014 à Rouen.
    Plus d’info: http://rfia2014.univ-rouen.

  • The FlowHarmonizer at ICCC

    François Pachet presents a paper about  the FlowHarmonizer, Non-Conformant Harmonization: The Real Book in the Style of Take 6 during the 5th International Conference on Computational Creativity, Ljubljana, Slovenia, June 10-13, 2014: watch the video
    For more info visit http://computationalcr

  • Invited talk at PAAMS (Spain)

    The Flow Machines project is featured at PAAMS, Salamanca (Spain), with a plenary talk on “Virtual musicans and live jazz performance”For more info, visit the PAAMS conference website : PAAMS, 12th Conference on Practical Applications of Agents and Multi-Agent Systems

  • Invited Talk at CPAIOR (Ireland)

    François Pachet presents the Flow Machines project during an Invited talk at CPAIOR 2014 (Cork, Ireland), with a talk on “Style imitation: the opportunities and challenge of Markov constraints”.To read the presentation’s abstract:  http://4c.ucc.ie/cpaior2014/speakers.

  • Flow Machines aux Ateliers du Quartier de la Création, Nantes

    A Nantes, au Cluster “Quartier de la Création”, François Pachet présente le projet Flow Machines avec un talk intitulé “Créativité et invention de style” (watch the talk | regarder la vidéo).
    Ici le programme des Ateliers.

  • Seminar on Computer Music and Interaction, Universidade Catolica do Porto

    François Pachet holds a two-day seminar at the Universidade Catolica do Porto, Portugal, in the framework of the PhD Program on Science and Technology of Arts (Programa de Doutoramento em Ciência e Tecnologia das Artes).
    For more information, please visit the web page of the PhD Programme.

  • Invited Talk at ADT2013

    Invited talk at the 3rd International Conference on Algorithmic Decision Theory
    François Pachet presents the results of the Flow Machines project at ADT 2013, in Brussels, with an invited keynote on “The Challenge of Constrained Markov Chains: toward the next generation of authoring tools in

  • Invited Keynote at ISMIR

    Invited keynote at ISMIR 2013, Curitiba: Style manipulation as a creative device.
    Creative artifacts are often obtained by combining ideas, patterns, ways of doing – in a word, styles – to new congurations or situations.

  • Tutorial at ISMIR

    Why is Brazilian Guitar Interesting?
    Presented by: François Pachet and Giordano Cabral
    Abstract: Following the ISMIR 2012 tutorial “Why jazz is interesting?” this tutorial will give an overview of the wonderful facets of “Brazilian guitar” for a MIR audience.

  • Two papers about FlowMachines presented at ISMIR 2013

    Two papers have been accepted in the framework of ISMIR 2013, the International Society for Music Information Retrieval Conference, held in Curitiba (Brasil) from the 4th to the 8th of November 2013: 

    Francois P

  • Flow Machines at the MIC Conference, Bologna, Italy

    The Flow Machines project is presented at the First International Conference on the Science of Creative Thinking (MIC), Bologna. Italy

    The conference takes place from September 29th to  October the 1st.

  • Music and the Origins of Language: Summerschool

    The Flow Machines Project will be presented during the Music and the Origins of Language International Summer School on Agent-based Computational Models of Creativity, that will take place from 15th to 20th September 2013 in Cortona (Italy).

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