Intensive Science – AI Pop Concert

Come see the Flow Machines in action at the Intensive Science Festival in Paris!

The Intensive Science Festival will take place at the Gaîté Lyrique (Paris) on October 27. The Festival celebrates the 20th anniversary of the Sony CSL Laboratory. It will feature all the latest developments in language research, agroecology, and, of course music, and AI.

Flow Machines Pop Concert
First of all, the Intensive Science Festival will include Flow Machines pop concert featuring the Reflexive Looper.
Going on with the concert, several artists will showcase songs composed with the Flow Machines tools. During the concert, artist-in-residence Benoît Carré and guest musicians will perform some extracts of an album revolving around the tale The Shadow by Andersen, also composed using Flow Machines. The concert will also feature a live, real time song composition with Flow Machines tools and a live performance by Camille Bertault. A video installation created for the event will also be presented.

Scientific Talks
François Pachet will introduce and moderate a series of scientific talks revolving around music and artificial intelligencea and the Flow Machines. In particular, the talks will addressthe issue of enhancing individual creativity by looking at it through the concept of “reflexive interactions”. Reflexive Interactions are human-machine interactions with a system that attempts to imitate the user’s style. Indeed, the vision behind Flow Machines is that manipulating images of oneself creates novel and very effective ways to boost creativity. The talks will feature this radically new way of looking at content creation tools. Invited speakers will be announced soon.

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