Flow Machines at the Arts & Sciences Meetings

Flow Machines participate to the Arts & Sciences Meetings (Rencontres Arts & Sciences : Neurosciences, Epistémologie et nouveaux Paradigmes) organised by the Centre Universitaire des Saints Pères, on February 5-6 2016.


The Art & Science meetings (Rencontres Arts & Sciences : Neurosciences, Epistémologie et nouveaux Paradigmes) are international events designed to bring together artists and researchers from various fields – cognitive science, neuroscience, evolutionary biology, music, mathematics and philosophy – sharing an interest in issues related to aesthetics, to the neurophysiological impact of art and the neural basis of creativity. Artists and researchers present their work during conferences, exhibitions and music concerts. The first conference will be organized in five symposia, driven by Emmanuelle Volle (INSERM), Julien Renoult (CNRS), Moreno Andreatta (CNRS), Zoï Kapoula (CNRS). During these meetings, particular attention will be paid to the epistemological questions raised by the intersection of Arts and Sciences. Researchers in experimental sciences conducting their laboratory research following Cartesian paradigm, conceptual compliance standards, theoretical and operational present the results of their research. Experimental design, through the acquisition, analysis, and interpretation of data, to the often intense confrontations with colleagues who share their publications, researchers are experimenting daily delicate balance between established standards or paradigms. Research on the art or creativity, highly complex topics are particularly interesting for this Arts & Science meetings. How to articulate both the usefulness of an experimental reductionism and the inevitable evolution towards new paradigms, complex or open? Is the artist faced with the paradigms of his time? Or art he means rather the lack of paradigm?

The Meetings Arts and Sciences feature the Flow Machines project during a final panel discussion on epistemology and new paradigms. 

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