Brain and AI the Brain Awareness Week

Brain and AI: is artificial creativity possible? François Pachet provides answers in the field of music creation, with the Flow Machines project.

brain and ai

Flow Machines participates to the Semaine  du Cerveau (Brain Week) in Grenoble  (Brain awareness week). This will be an opportunity to talk about brain and AI, and especially about artificial creativity. How can machines emulate the behaviour of the brain, invent new ideas and compose music?

The 17th edition of Brain Awareness Week, coordinated by the Neuroscience Society is  held in France from 14 to 20 March 2016.
Throughout this very special  week, the public is able to meet researchers to learn more about the brain and learn about the latest research.
It is a spectacular event in its national dimension (more than 30 cities involved) and international (62 countries are participating).
More than 35 000 people, youth and adults have already participated in 2015 and shared the enthusiasm with researchers.

Read the program here!