Photo (C) Paul Schmidt

Ex-member of Crazy Curl, a Japanese pop duo, she founded The Konki Duet with Zoé Wolf and Tamara Goukassova when she arrived in Paris. She also started collaborating with many Paris based musicians: Toog, Momus, Orval Carlos Sibelius, Shoboshobo, O.Lamm, Domotic, Leo Helleden, Hypo and Ricky Hollywood.

Her first solo album is My Love For You Is A Cheap Pop Song. She also released two EP with EMI, Coeur Frag and La femme japonaise. She will release Kabuki Femme Fatale with Alter K and Tona Serenad arranged by Joe Davolaz.

Kumi collaborates with Flow Machines and participated to the AI concert at Intensive Science, with the song Kagerou San: