Datasets for guitar playing mode classification

We provide the datasets we use to train and evaluate our playing mode classifier.

The set is split in four subsets. Each one has been recorded with a different guitar:

– A Godin RGX solid-body for “God_set”
– A Cort jazz guitar for “Cort_set”
– An Ovation electro-acoustic model for “Ovat_set”
– A Godin classical nylon string guitar for “Nyl_set”

Each subset contains the recordings of seven jazz standards: “Bluesette”, “The Days of Wine and Roses”, “LadyBird”, “Nardis”, “Ornithology”, “Solar”, and “Tune Up”.
Each song has been recorded three times, one time in each of the three jazz playing modes we study: “melody”, “bass”, and “chords”.
There is a total of 84 audio files stored in .wav audio format.
You can download them as four .rar files :