2nd AES Workshop on Intelligent Music Production #WIMP2


Flow Machines participates to the 2nd workshop on Intelligent Music Production

Audio Engineering and Music Production are inherently technical disciplines, often involving extensive training and the investment of time. Indeed, the processes involved implicitly require knowledge of signal processing and audio analysis. It can also present barriers to musicians and non-specialists. The emerging field of Intelligent Music Production addresses these issues by developping systems mapping complex processes to intuitive interfaces and automating elements of the processing chain.

The event provides an overview of some of the most popular tools and techniques in the field. It will also provide insight for audio engineers, producers and musicians looking to gain access to new technologies. The day will consist of presentations from leading academics, industry keynotes, and additional posters and demonstrations.

Flow Machines will be present with the keynote presentation by François Pachet during the panel session: “Future Directions in Intelligent Sound Engineering